The Browns Offense shines but lose to Bengals 34-27


Sunday The Browns offense was like night and day compared to week 1. Week 1 Cleveland had 210 total yards of offense in a horrific showcase of the young offense, and week 2 had 439 total yards Weeden bounced back greatly from his 5.1 QB rating by throwing for 322 YDS with 2 TD’s and a QB rating of 114.9 while throwing no picks. Weeden looked really good this week he didn’t have the deer in the headlights look and looked a lot more comfortable in his second outing. He stayed in the pocket and kept his poise as the pass rush came, you can tell he has a good chemistry with Mohammed Massquoi the past two weeks he’s targeted him the most out of all the Browns wideouts they just seem to be on the same page. I also liked that Weeden tossed it to Richardson on check downs it kept the defense honest and opened up some shots downfield, speaking of Richardson he played great as well after his disappointing week 1. I figured he would bounce back this week he didn’t have as much time with the offensive line this past training camp so I think it was just him getting on the same page. He found the holes the line created for him and he pushed the line often you saw the powerful back we drafted and how complete he really was by catching the ball for 36 yards and a great receiving touchdown. Lets not get our hopes up here though The Bengals defense isn’t one of the best defenses in the league so I’d like to see it against teams like Baltimore,Pittsburgh, Denver, or San Diego just to name some of the better defenses on the Browns schedule. Weeden not making any mistakes and Trent’s performance is a building block and hopefully through the season we see even more progression out of this young offense. I expect to see Josh Gordon improve if he gets the playing time he has the tools height, weight, and hands just needs to work on his route running. The team is 0-2 currently but we saw progression this week and I believe they will struggle some this year but its all a part of the growing pains of this young team but if Weeden and Richardson play like they did in week 2 the future is bright in Cleveland.


About stephenolszewski

My names Stephen Olszewski, I attend a broadcasting school in Ohio. I have a goal to become a sports broadcaster or be on a sports talk radio show. I'm a big Cleveland sports fan and a big sports fan in general. One of my inspirations is Dan Patrick and Joe Tait. I also enjoy listening to Jim Donovan on Sundays for the Browns games. I'm very fortunate to have grown up listening to guys like Tom Hamilton, Joe Tait, and Jim Donovan.

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